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Helping you to promote your business through public speaking training

“I’m now getting bookings as a Keynote speaker and I thank Celia for giving me some great skills and techniques to communicate my passion for my business. Celia totally delivered beyond my expectation – which in my eyes makes her exceptional.”  
Sarah Cressall, Award-winning Director of The Creation Station Ltd

Looking for presentation skills training or communication skills training? I’m Celia Delaney and I teach a unique mix of both these skills. I created SpeakingSuccess to work with business owners, senior managers and people in sales roles on how to promote their business through speaking.

Most people lack either the confidence or the skills (or both!) they need to inspire and persuade. Whether you need to address staff or win new business, the way you speak is vital. Read more about all the skills we teach under our iPersuade brand here.

Perhaps you are looking for an entertaining Keynote Speaker or sparkling host for your next conference or event? Why not watch a recent video of me speaking or book me to speak?

Presentation skills are an essential ingredient in your management skill-set, for you to inspire your team and succeed in sales. Look at how politics is following the American trend of election by public speaking contest! The same is true in business – for example, my clients have used presentation skills training to help them pitch for business, win chartered status, sell by speaking at trade exhibitions and to get their staff behind a new vision or target.

See the Blog for advice on speaking, such as fear of public speaking, eye contact, and using microphones.

If it is presentation skills training you need; my talent is in taking you to the next level, even if you are already a confident speaker. To find out more, please feel free to email or call on +44 (0)1392 215 389..


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