The Whole Lot – Podcast with Ade Odeyumi

The Whole Lot - Cover Art[1]

Another podcast interview! I’m starting to feel famous! That’s six in six months. Maybe it’s a THING right now to podcast, but I seem to be in demand. This time it was the turn of Ade Odeyumi of Maximum Inheritance Specialists and his podcast, The Whole Lot. He interviews business owners who “are approaching the height of their powers.”…

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Summer Reading – The 30 Funniest Books Ever Written

Summer Reading

If you are in the mood to laugh out loud this summer, this list of the 30 funniest books ever written is for you. Many of our early reading memories include the recollection of innocent giggles as we were read humorous children’s tales by our parents and grandparents.  Reading funny books is great for you, regardless of how loudly…

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Learning At Work Week

learning at work week

From 14th to 20th May, Learning at Work Week is taking place in organisations across the UK. This year’s theme is “Networked for Learning”. The theme invites exploration of the social, technological and partnership aspects of learning – how we can create value from networks and drive new thinking and ways of developing. The initiative is run by the Campaign…

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The funny thing about sales

The funny thing about sales…… There’s a saying in speaking: “You don’t have to be funny to speak; but it helps if you want to get paid.” I think the same is true for sales: “You don’t have to be funny in sales; but it helps if you want to get paid.” I’m increasingly asked to speak about sales…

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The 4th ‘P’ of Public Speaking: Pearls of Wisdom

This month, I’m continuing with my series of articles on The 5 P’s of Speaking to Promote your Business. This month’s P is Pearls of Wisdom. I spoke at The British & International Franchise Exhibition as part of the Grow your own Business Conference at London Olympia earlier this month. Here is my tip on creating really great content…

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