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Celia Delaney - SpeakingSuccess

Here is a sneak peek at…SpeakingSuccess TV! Well, we’ve started filming…I was at the studios of Mark Harman of Red Book Productions for the first recording session today and we managed to get through a whole load of videos on public speaking without too many outtakes.

The first online SpeakingSuccess course will be available at the end of February and will be my now infamous speech, The 5P’s of Speaking to Promote your Business, which will be delivered in 7 videos.*

Featuring myself as a cardboard cutout for the grand finale, this course will take you through some of the key things you should consider before speaking to promote your business. There’s a bonus ‘P’ as well!

From Panic about public speaking, to becoming a well-known Personality, The 5 P’s covers it all. Even if you are a confident public speaker, there’s plenty here for you,this first online course from me will be completely free! 

Today we also recorded all the online lessons about overcoming a fear of speaking, or glossophobia for the next planned online course, which will be iPrepare: How to be a more confident speaker. I’ve coached thousands of people in speaking and the most common thing people come to me with is a fear of speaking. It is absolutely possible for you to feel good about speaking. Just let me take you through my process of working on the mind and the body and you’ll see a huge difference in your confidence. Not only that but once you have got over your nerves, I take a look at how to start creating content…

There’s so much more to come! 

While you are waiting, here’s a little behind the scenes video of our SpeakingSuccess filming session today.

*I’ll be doing ‘The 5 P’s’ talk live at Kensington Olympia in London on Friday 9th March 2018 at high noon!
See our events calendar for more information and to book your tickets for free!