Summer Reading – The 30 Funniest Books Ever Written

Summer Reading

If you are in the mood to laugh out loud this summer, this list of the 30 funniest books ever written is for you. Many of our early reading memories include the recollection of innocent giggles as we were read humorous children’s tales by our parents and grandparents.  Reading funny books is great for you, regardless of how loudly…

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How I Came To Be Funny!

How I Came to Be Funny Celia Delaney

I was recently interviewed for Sarah Archer’s podcast about how I came to be funny.    I am now billed as a comedian, but it wasn’t always the case! Here I explain my background, from psychology to HR, and how I came to be a “funny” professional speaker in London.   In the interview I cover: The four pillars you…

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