Celia Delaney is a comedian who writes and performs stand-up and songs, both at conferences and in her own solo shows.

Not one of your ‘run-of-the-mill’ after dinner speakers, Celia is a breath of fresh air if you are looking for something different for your event. She writes about middle age, marriage and monotony in her own inimitable style, combining intelligence and wit with a healthy dose of audience interaction.

Having trained at Mountview – the leading drama school for Musical Theatre – and after spending years treading the boards, Celia is now enjoying being one of the London comedians who have brought other disciplines into their comedy. She has been a jazz singer, an actress, a speaker, a coach and then trained in cabaret and comedy, and brings all that experience together to make it a day…or night… to remember.

Celia Delaney is someone who provides that “wow factor” whenever she’s on stage. She draws upon her career as an actress and jazz singer to bring this extra musical dimension to her comedy. She is amusing, innovative and fast-thinking and can write and sing! Celia enthralls, enlightens and seduces audiences. She is destined for the big time.

Michael Dodd, Author, Great Answers to Tough Questions at Work

Celia has written and directed herself in a trilogy of solo shows that tell the story of her life so far: Man Wanted! Man Found! Man for Sale! Join the mailing list to hear about her London comedy shows and for recommendations for comedy shows in London and elsewhere.

She will be performing in the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival as one third of The Secret Divorce Society in a new show, “Till Death Us Do Part?”…a musical tale of marriage, motherhood and murder.

Dates: 3rd August (preview) then 4th-11th August 2018 (Week 1)
Venue: The Annexe, Paradise at the Vault

Watch one of Celia’s performances here.

The upwards trajectory was maintained by Confidential’s final act and nominee for Best Newcomer at London Cabaret Awards, Celia Delaney. Comedy rewrites of songs from Les Miserables and the like were made her own with an ability and originality that saw me out with a smile.

Theatre Full Stop Reviewer May 3, 2018

The night was concluded with nominee for Best Newcomer at London Cabaret Awards, Celia Delaney. Bringing a Devon crowd with her, despite her claims that “a decade in Devon was enough”, her mixture of comedy and sadness created some poignant moments amongst the laughter. Her original songs, including a send up of Les Miserables’ ‘On My Own’ in relation to the London housing market, were particularly inspired.

A Younger Theatre, Critic Celia headlines Cabaret Confidential May 3, 2018

Very warm and funny!

View from the Gods May 3, 2018

Lyrically, she’s razor sharp, with a beautiful eye for evocative imagery can clever rhymes, coupled with a whip crack tongue that nimbly dances over syllables and glottal stops. A consistently funny act.

London City Nights May 3, 2018

Celia Delaney reflects on the desperation of being a 40-something singleton... In a performance filled with dark comedy and vocalised in sultry and flirtatious jazz styles, her biggest achievement was her suggestively predatory and anger-fuelled interpretation of Adele lyrics to tell the story of internet dating, which propelled her concept to astounding heights. Distinctive, dark & hilarious.

The Upcoming May 3, 2018

Dear friends, this is Celia Delaney. She is a comedy genius and you will be seeing her on TV in the future. You heard it here first.

Philip Calvert Speaker & Author May 3, 2018

Great evening's entertainment of music, laughter and cracking lines.

Sue Keeping Audience member, Man Found! May 3, 2018

My face is still aching, I’ve never laughed so much in my life.

Wendy Harrington Audience member, Man Found! May 3, 2018

A critic reviewed one of Celia’s early performances as “distressingly sexual”. She’s been trying to live up to it ever since!

Jackie Barrie Audience member, Man Wanted! May 3, 2018

Your voice is like sweet honey being poured gently into my ears!

Shonette Bason Audience member, Man Wanted! May 3, 2018