How I Came To Be Funny!

How I Came to Be Funny Celia Delaney
I was recently interviewed for Sarah Archer’s podcast about how I came to be funny. 
I am now billed as a comedian, but it wasn’t always the case! Here I explain my background, from psychology to HR, and how I came to be a “funny” professional speaker in London.

In the interview I cover:

  • The four pillars you need to work on to become a great speaker
  • How to manage your state before speaking
  • Why you need to treat speaking as a heightened form of conversation
  • Why your content should be full of attitude.
  • How adding humour to your speaking can increase your bookings and fees
  • Why a Question and Answer session should be the last thing you do
  • How to make sure you can always answer the questions
  • Why MC and Speaker roles are totally different
  • Top tips for adding humour to your presentation
  • Why you should always have a notebook with you.
  • Top tips for becoming a paid professional speaker

Listen to the podcast here –