Go West!

I went along to an open mic night last week called Go West Comedy. It’s in South Kensington and is run by promoter, Ashley Gorman, with a different MC and up to 12 acts each time. He quickly sussed I’d done quite a bit of comedy and asked me to close…with 10 minutes. I’m slightly ashamed of myself for doing 17 minutes (naughty) but it was going so well and the crowd was so raucous that it took a lot of time just ad libbing and calming them down. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! Obviously you should never over run, but I brought the house down!*

Here’s the opening 30 seconds:

*Literally: when I went downstairs to the bar, the ceiling caved in from heavy rain. Ahh, the fringe circuit. I remember this from my twenties.