The Coffee Song

This month I wrote a song all about coffee for the fabulous franchise, Cafe2U.

You can listen to the audio here:

To the tune of Peel Me A Grape:

  1. Steam me some milk

Grind me some beans

Blend me a brew

Save the foam for my latte

Talk to me nice

Talk to me nice

About oooh…

Macchiato, Espresso

Americano, I’ll have it to go

Regular or grande, whatever you say.

I’m feeling thirsty

Make me a drink!


  1. Pop me a shot (of syrup)

I like a lot

Squirt me some cream

Then just leave me the bottle

Chill me some ice

Keep standing by

You’ve got to entertain me

Frappe me

Show me your smoothie

That’ll do me

Chocolate with toffee

Iced coffee

I’m feeling thirsty

Make me a drink!




Here’s how to be an agreeable chap

Just make me a coffee it’s as simple as that!

Hop when I holler

Skip when I snap

If I say do it!

Jump to it!


  1. Send out for scotch

Make me an Irish

Cut me a rose

Make a tea with the petals.

Just hang around

Pick up the tab

Never outthink me

Just drink with me

Best way to cheer me

Caffeine me!!

Just take it slowly

Don’t rush me!!

I’m feeling thirsty

Make me a drink!!!