My Interview With Sarah Southern – The Wedding Guest Extraordinaire

Sarah Southern

With the royal wedding just a week away, I wonder if the Royals have the planning post-it notes all over the kitchen table as they plan their speeches for the event?

Recently I was interviewed by my good friend, comedian Sarah Southern for her Wedding Guest Extraordinaire podcast. I had a great time talking about all things “wedding speeches”.


During the podcast we covered a whole range of topics including –

  • My own wedding (the true story)
  • How you should plan your speech for the big day
  • How to overcome nerves (and this doesn’t involve getting drunk!)
  • Tips for engaging everyone in the room
  • Where to stand, how to cope with notes, use of microphones
  • And other fun stuff!

Please do listen here

And if anyone knows if Prince William is looking for some best man speech tips for next week – do let him know where to find me!