Public Speaking Coach – Raves and Reviews

Celia is a dynamic, well organised and dedicated person. Her speaking skills are second to none and she has helped transform me as a speaker.

Tara Howard Venus Awards May 3, 2018

I was absolutely delighted with the massive improvement in my presentation, and everyone could see the difference from my first attempt. Thanks again and I will now be better prepared for the next one, whenever that may be!

Joy Whitehead Business Owner, Complete Therapy May 3, 2018

I've delivered two presentations now (250 people yesterday, 75 today). Very different audience mixes but have got good feedback from both. Magic! Thank you for your help – I think beliefs / thoughts was the biggest issue, which I now feel I’m well on my way to overcoming. No real butterflies, I was almost looking forward to it – very strange, and a noticeable difference!

Finance Director Construction company May 3, 2018

Celia Delaney led a truly wonderful workshop with Academy Group 5 and they gave her the highest score that I can remember the group ever giving. A simple but elegant and effective formula for putting a presentation together lies at the heart of this session – but there is so much more going on: this gives a real confidence boost and some deep insights into what holds us back from stepping forwards as we ought. I thoroughly recommend this humorous and valuable session which all members scored highly (no exceptions).

Peter Pritchett Chairman, Academy for Chief Executives May 3, 2018

I had the pleasure of being at the first of the ‘cereal sessions’ you spoke at last Thursday at Gloucestershire police. I just wanted to say a quick thank you for not only keeping me entertained but also for giving my enthusiasm a huge boost. You reminded me that regardless of the pressures of the job, I can step outside of that a create my own clarity and communicate well and this will still have an impact.

Simon Todd Inspector, Gloucestershire Constabulary May 3, 2018

Your work with us the other week helped increase our leads from the show which is brilliant. 36 last year and around 75 this year. Well done from me.

Mike Griffiths CEO, uCheck May 3, 2018