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Welcome to SpeakingSuccess TV! This is a portal for you to learn all you need about public speaking. 

Most people work with me directly on their speaking, however I realise that not everyone can afford to come to London and have individual sessions with me (although if you do want to do that, please contact me direct).

So…you can now improve your public speaking by taking a video course!

I’ve been coaching people in public speaking skills for over ten years and I’ve finally got round to recording my teaching in video form online. For a fraction of the cost of working with me in person, you can now work your way through all the elements of The iPersuade Principles in a series of e-courses hosted by our lovely friends, Thinkific.

If you want to try it out for free, try out my free e-course, The 5 P’s. It’s a quick overview of what I think you need to do in order to speak well, and shows you the format of Thinkific and how I look on video (pretty good, huh?! Don’t answer that.)


If you want to get straight into your learning, then we’ve also released just the first ‘pillar’ of The iPersuade Principles, called iPrepare: How to be a more confident speaker. 

This e-course is all about becoming more confident in your public speaking; starting with how you are thinking and moving on to how you are using your body and voice to convey your new-found confidence!

iPrepare also has three videos that look at some of the basics of speech writing, including how to think about your central message, making a strong start and balancing the talk for different people’s preferences.

Here’s a 5 star review of iPrepare from a learner:

Tangible information to help improve your speaking immediately

I have experience speaking although no formal training. This means I’ve built some of my own coping mechanisms and strategies, however, these have taken time and practice to develop. I can see that if I’d followed this course beforehand and taking the time to complete each exercise it would have sped up the learning process significantly. If you’re new to speaking, never had formal training or want to find additional strategies to help with being at peak performance each time you step out onto the stage this course is definitely worth going through. I also really like that you can change the speed of the videos, so for the areas I was more confident in I could increase the speed but still hear everything that was being said.

Click on the images below to go to Thinkific and take a look around!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!