The Whole Lot – Podcast with Ade Odeyumi

The Whole Lot - Cover Art[1]

Another podcast interview! I’m starting to feel famous! That’s six in six months. Maybe it’s a THING right now to podcast, but I seem to be in demand. This time it was the turn of Ade Odeyumi of Maximum Inheritance Specialists and his podcast, The Whole Lot. He interviews business owners who “are approaching the height of their powers.”…

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My Life From There to Here!

Celia Delaney - My Life

I was recently interviewed by Paul Sloane for his podcast Insights for Successful People In it I talk about my life from my early days in Barnstaple in Devon (it must, at least, be twinned with Milan, yes?!) to where I am now – a speaker, MC, coach and comedian in London. During our interview Paul and I discussed…

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